what is knowyourself

CNV00037Knowyourself is designed as a series of seven storytelling sessions for group size of around 6 to 12 people. Each session is delivered on a half day basis, approx 3 hours. It is not for children, It is for people in adolescence and adulthood.

The sessions deliver a series of stories that contain themes and archetypes relevant to our various levels of “self“. By indulging in these themes and archetypes, through exposure in the story and discussion during community philosophy sessions, we will connect with and increase our awareness of our “self” on each level.

The levels of “self” relate to our family, friends, society, nature – both domestic and wild, and to our universe – both seen and unseen. The extremes of the “self” are shown as egocentric and ecocentric behaviour.

The development of the “eco self”  – that which is farthest from the “ego self” is facilitated through stories of the supernatural. These historical accounts of “the second sight” act as a conduit for our awareness and development of a more magical world.

The inclusion of a brief, unsupervised wood collecting session assists in our nature connection and encourages a positive storytelling environment.

In order to journey through the knowyourself process we suggest the group engages together on the seven sessions. In order to try it out John Muir supernatural storytelling can be used as a stand alone taster session.

  Download and print a version here :-   Knowyourself Ecology