John Muir – Supernatural Storytelling

john muir

We introduce the knowyourself concept with John Muir – Supernatural Storytelling  – for people in adolescence and adulthood.

in  “The Story of my Boyhood and Youth” we find the traditional stories that influenced our ecological pioneer.

To me the best story of all was ‘Llewellyns Dog’, the first animal that comes to mind after a needle-voiced field mouse, It so deeply interested and touched me and some of my classmates that we read it over and over with aching hearts, both in and out of school and shed bitter tears over the brave faithful dog” A Boyhood in Scotland – John Muir 1913

John Muir tells many stories about his time in Nature. One, from his time in the mountains describes a “telepathic, transcendental revelation” about the arrival of his friend Professor Butler in Yosemite.

As to what is usually called supernatural, very little of it has come my way – just enough to convince me that there may be forces which produce phenomena, now called supernatural, that are as natural as any of the other forces with which we are more or less acquainted.” The John Muir Papers -series III C – unpublishedTraveler Digital Camera

“He told me that he found it necessary, in getting people to listen, to tell them stories such as his immortal tale of Stickeen, but the real hope in his heart was to awaken their interest so they would want to go to nature themselves and to delve into the mysteries of her ways” Recollections of John Muir by Charles Keeler.

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