John Muir Award 2020- intro

In January 2020 we submitted a proposal for an entry level John Muir Award to discover, explore and conserve a wild place as a family- one requirement of the John Muir Award is to share your experience.  Here is an exert from our award proposal –

Summary of Award Proposal: Outline the main themes/aims of what you plan to do and the main reasons for using the John Muir Award. Is any evaluation taking place for this activity/work/project? Are any organisations or partners helping towards this Award?

There is a hillside tree plantation on the farm we live on. We have visited regularly and now the children have started to identify natural features ( snowdrops and early wild  garlic) and expressed a desire to care for the woodland. We intend to develop this by incorporating the exploration and conservation of this woodland into our regular trips to the woods for leisure and as an outdoor classroom for flexi-schooling sessions

Group background: Include details such as who the group is, age ranges, referral process, other relevant information

Family unit – husband and wife – two daughters – Tara (5) Robyn (3)


The John Muir Award also involves learning about John Muir. Our proposal was to end on 21st April – as it is John Muir’s Birthday – due to the current covid 19 lockdown situation we have adapted an existing website to host the sharing of our John Muir Award. luckily we have a, ahem, “captive audience” — we hope you enjoy, at least a wee bit 🙂